Pleated Roof Blinds Operation

Cosiflor roof blinds for conservatories and skylights can be operated in one of the four following ways:

Handle operated blind
The Cosiflor handle is fitted to every wand operated roof blind.
Pole operated blind
The pole can be standard or telescopic and can have a jointed end to adjust the angle of the pole end.
Cord operated blind
Cord loop Operation
Gear operated blind
The gear box is mounted on the blind headrail and the winding handle locates into it

Wand operated (PL) - Our standard means of operation for all of our skylight blind ranges is to manually draw the blinds open and closed by means of a wand, (or draw pole) which can be fixed or telescopic. The slotted attachment on the end of the pole slides over the handle mounted to the blind profile and the blind can easily be opened and closed.

Cord operated (PL) - As an alternative to wand operation we can also offer the option of opening and closing the blinds with a continuous loop of cord which would need to hang down from one end of the blind and be fixed to the wall by a cleat. This type of blind is better suited to large commercial installations or where blinds are too high to operate by a pole but the customer does not want to purchase motorised blinds.

Crank operated (PLK) - Our Deluxe range of Pleated blinds are available with the option of Crank (winding handle), operation. This means of operation is especially good if you have limited access in your conservatory and can only reach the bases of the blinds to wind the gear box rather than draw pole operation that you needs the space to walk the blinds up and down. Another benefit of Crank operation is if someone has a medical condition for example arthritis and cannot operate our normal draw poles and cannot afford motorised blinds.
A rechargeable Cosiflor Crank winder can be an excellent way of having your blinds mechanised without the significant outlay of fully motorising them. A Crank winder can only operate one blind at a time and cannot be used in conjunction with sun and heat sensors or programmable timers.

Motorised (PLE) - See seperate motorisation section for our full range of switches, controls, sensors and timers to fully automate your Pleated blinds.

Adjustable wand end
Adjustable wand end
Manually cranked winding handle
A manually cranked winding handle
Cosiflor rechargeable Crank winder
A Cosiflor rechargeable Crank winder
Somfy 4 channel remote control
A Somfy 4 channel remote control

British Blind Company Tip:
Crank operated blinds are a cost effective alternative to fully motorised blinds, and they are easy to use especially for customers who may have medical reasons why they may not otherwise be able to operate standard blinds.


  • Thank you again for the beautiful conservatory roof blinds that you fitted to our swimming pool enclosure. They are absolutely perfect, and even better than I imagined they would be.

    Chelsea, London
  • Your blinds for conservatories are excellent expecially the Cosiflor blinds which are much easier to use and fit more neatly than the previous ones fitted by another company.

    Fetcham, Surrey
  • I am very pleased with my conservatory blinds. Your informed and honest approach is a breath of fresh air, especially as we had some unpleasant experiences with other companies.

    Ewell, Surrey
  • Your designer was very knowledgeable and professional, offering the right solution to our shading problems - our conservatory is more bearable to be in and the blinds look great!

    Ascot, Berkshire
  • Thanks for the work you have just completed. This is the second time I have used you, first for conservatory blinds and now for wood shutters, with excellent service both times.

    Westerham, Kent

Cosiflor Pleated Blind Features

  • Suit all conservatory styles:
  • Timber, PVC or Aluminium
  • Suit all conservatory types:
  • Edwardian, Victorian etc
  • Fit shaped doors or windows
  • Heat and glare protection
  • Manual or automated systems
  • Strong and simple to operate
  • Stylish colours and patterns
  • Matching roof & side blinds
  • Discreet when retracted
  • Fit neatly into window rebate