Pleated Blind Fabrics

Cosiflor offer a comprehensive fabric collection of over 350 fabrics ranging from very sheer translucent to thermal insulating blackout, from designer prints to market leading performance fabrics. As a manufacturing partner British Blind Company not only offers the full Cosiflor fabric collection but also fabrics from over all of the major Pleated fabric manufacturers available. This means that we can offer you hundreds of colours, weaves, textures, patterns, levels of translucency and levels of performance and efficiency.

Pleated fabrics are available in translucent (sheer), patterned, textured, plain, dimout, blackout, and performance fabrics. Our performance fabrics are efficient at retaining warmth during the cold winter evenings and at reflecting the suns heat so that your conservatory stays cool throughout the summer, creating a comfortable environment in your conservatory all year round, and protecting the investment that you have already made.

All Cosiflor fabrics are pleated to 20mm depth which allows them to be easily fitted within the beading surround of most modern PVC window units. Some other suppliers also pleat fabrics to 25mm or 50mm. Our fabrics have been tested in every range and every colour within that range, to produce accurate specifications in the following three areas; Reflection, Absorption and Transmission.

High quality performance fabrics
  • Reflectance (R) - the percentage of light/heat passing through your glass that is reflected by the coating on the back of the fabric
  • Absorption (A) - the amount of heat absorbed (retained) by the fabric, i.e. a white fabric will have excellent reflective qualities but a black fabric will absorb/ retain more heat therefore keeping it inside the conservatory where you don't want it.
  • Transmission (T) - the most important figure, which tells you how much light/ heat will pass through the fabric into the living space beneath. The lower the T figure, the more effective the fabric. For example our blackout fabric has an aluminium layer, which allows no heat or light to pass through, this would have a T figure of 0%.

Most solar reflective fabrics openly available have a Transmittance of aprox 30% for a light or neutral colour, which means that the fabric is excluding aprox 70% of light and heat that has already passed through the glass or polycarbonate roof. Our top performance fabric has a T rating of 9% in a neutral colour without making the room dark.

(To find out exactly how much the heat and glare would be reduced in your conservatory you would need to contact your glass supplier to find out the efficiency of your particular glass as our tests are for our fabrics only).

British Blind Company Tip:
Invest in the most technically efficient fabric that you can afford to ensure that your new blinds actually do the job that you require them to do. Our 'Perlex Plus' fabric is only in a price group 2 band but can reflect as much as 84% of light/ heat without making the room dark.


  • Thank you again for the beautiful conservatory roof blinds that you fitted to our swimming pool enclosure. They are absolutely perfect, and even better than I imagined they would be.

    Chelsea, London
  • Your blinds for conservatories are excellent expecially the Cosiflor blinds which are much easier to use and fit more neatly than the previous ones fitted by another company.

    Fetcham, Surrey
  • I am very pleased with my conservatory blinds. Your informed and honest approach is a breath of fresh air, especially as we had some unpleasant experiences with other companies.

    Ewell, Surrey
  • Your designer was very knowledgeable and professional, offering the right solution to our shading problems - our conservatory is more bearable to be in and the blinds look great!

    Ascot, Berkshire
  • Thanks for the work you have just completed. This is the second time I have used you, first for conservatory blinds and now for wood shutters, with excellent service both times.

    Westerham, Kent

Cosiflor Pleated Blind Features

  • Suit all conservatory styles:
  • Timber, PVC or Aluminium
  • Suit all conservatory types:
  • Edwardian, Victorian etc
  • Fit shaped doors or windows
  • Heat and glare protection
  • Manual or automated systems
  • Strong and simple to operate
  • Stylish colours and patterns
  • Matching roof & side blinds
  • Discreet when retracted
  • Fit neatly into window rebate