Performance Fabric Types

'Perlex' - this is our standard solar reflective fabric also sometimes called SPC. Fabrics within this range allow light into the room while reflecting approximately 60%-70% in neutral and light colours. Most popular within this range are Crush Perlex and Optima Perlex both of which are available in many complimentary colours.

'Perlex Plus' - this our most technically efficient fabric without going the whole way and fitting blackout blinds! Exclusive to Cosiflor this is a translucent fabric with a Perlex coating that can reflect up to 91% without making the room appear grey or dark. Perlex plus fabric also has very low absorption and so this creates the very best barrier to heat and glare available while stillmaintaining comfortable conditions in the conservatory below.

'Alu backed' (Aluminium) - these fabrics have a different kind of backing to the Perlex fabrics, these have aluminium coatings,which appear silver or grey from the outside. This restricts the colour choice within the range as the grey backing shows through and so even a white or a beige would appear very grey and dark. Typical specifications for an Alu backed fabric would be a T figure of aprox 10-15%.

'Energy Saving' Fabric - This is a standard 20mm pleated fabric which is laminated with three separate layers, a hard wearing polyester front fabric, a layer of aluminium foil and a polyester film to protect the foil and fabric. The reflective aluminium laminate directly reflects radiated heat. Approximately 68% is directly reflected and 32% is absorbed by the blind, then passed to the conservatory structure which acts as a heat sink. The fabric is opaque and so 0% is transmitted.One of the main benefits of the 'Energy Saving' fabric is that the film coating protects the blinds from the inevitable accumulation of dust and insects. The non-stick backing also makes 'Energy Saving' fabrics easier to clean, put a dustsheet onto the floor of the conservatory and use a hairdryer to blow the dust and insects off the non-stick reverse side of the fabric. This fabric is only available as an opaque,which means that insects and dust are not visible through the fabric.

'Duette' - Though not really a Pleated fabric, this is a honeycomb pleat that has two skins of fabric and a thermal air gap that adds incredibly to the thermal insulating qualities of the blind. As the Duette fabrics have two layers there are no visible cording holes, the cords and wires run between the layers and cannot be seen.

'Duette Blackout' - The same honeycomb pleat design as with Duette but this time with two aluminium backed layers, giving you maximum protection and insulation. These are the most thermally efficient blinds available, saving you up to 10% per year on household heating bills and reducing the carbon footprint of your home.

British Blind Company Tip:
To achieve the best results from your blinds they should be closed before the conservatory warms up. As no blind can be 100% thermally efficient, a little ventilation will prevent a big rise in air temperature and ensure perfect results. For maximum results install motorised blinds with adjustable light and thermal controls.


  • Thank you again for the beautiful conservatory roof blinds that you fitted to our swimming pool enclosure. They are absolutely perfect, and even better than I imagined they would be.

    Chelsea, London
  • Your blinds for conservatories are excellent expecially the Cosiflor blinds which are much easier to use and fit more neatly than the previous ones fitted by another company.

    Fetcham, Surrey
  • I am very pleased with my conservatory blinds. Your informed and honest approach is a breath of fresh air, especially as we had some unpleasant experiences with other companies.

    Ewell, Surrey
  • Your designer was very knowledgeable and professional, offering the right solution to our shading problems - our conservatory is more bearable to be in and the blinds look great!

    Ascot, Berkshire
  • Thanks for the work you have just completed. This is the second time I have used you, first for conservatory blinds and now for wood shutters, with excellent service both times.

    Westerham, Kent

Cosiflor Pleated Blind Features

  • Suit all conservatory styles:
  • Timber, PVC or Aluminium
  • Suit all conservatory types:
  • Edwardian, Victorian etc
  • Fit shaped doors or windows
  • Heat and glare protection
  • Manual or automated systems
  • Strong and simple to operate
  • Stylish colours and patterns
  • Matching roof & side blinds
  • Discreet when retracted
  • Fit neatly into window rebate